With its focus on cities, the Fundación Metrópoli initiated close cooperation with eight cities and associated academic institutions to identify their competitive advantages and give exposure to their urban innovations. Serving as model and inspiration for future city research, this network evolved into the Proyecto Cities research with some twenty cities which were studied in depth with a methodology developed by the Fundación Metrópoli in cooperation with its city partners. The same approach is used in cities and regions with which the Fundación Metrópoli is elaborating new urban projects. The findings are providing continuous feedback for new departures of the Fundación Metrópoli with focus on ecological principles and design for innovation. Many of them are disseminated in publications by the Fundación Metrópoli.

Learning from cities and city regions has laid the groundwork for the conceptual position of the Fundación Metrópoli, elaborated in “Territorios Inteligentes” and “Ecosystems of Innovation”. These core reflections have provided the frameworks for “The European Diagonal” and “Mediterraneo TEC” and are guiding other urban projects and regional development strategies.