The Fundación Metrópoli considers it essential to cooperate with mayors in developing spatial strategies. Convinced that both mayors and urbanists would benefit from a dialogue, the Fundación Metrópoli set up a Mayors’ Institute, a platform for exchange of political leadership and urban policy. This would enable all interested parties to gain a better understanding of each others’ vision of the city. Its brief is to provide mayors with opportunities to interact with professionals and other organisations of city stakeholders. The Mayors’ Summits provide an effective forum for dialogue between politicians and professionals of the built environment.

Other methods are also explored, such as short but intense learning sessions for mayors which they can accommodate in their busy schedules to familiarise them with the approach of professionals of the built environment, especially those who aim at a comprehensive and strategic conception of the “urban project”.

These specific activities are complementing the direct involvement with mayors which the Fundación Metrópoli is seeking for all its “urban projects”.

Regarding the Mayors’ Summits, an initial idea was to organise Mayors’ Summits at the congresses of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (Isocarp), of which the Fundación Metrópoli is a knowledge partner. It was a matter of building on the Mayors’ and City Leaders’ Summit, a successful event which the Fundación Metrópoli organised in cooperation with the Government of Aragon in Zaragoza in 2002 at the occasion of the World Summit of Cities and Regions. While Isocarp is continuing to organise Mayors’ Summits, the Fundación Metrópoli has also started to cooperate with Singapore in its World Cities Summits as a supporting organization.

The Fundación Metrópoli has been involved in the following Mayors’ and City Leaders’ Summits: Singapore 2010, Singapore 2008, Istanbul 2006, Bilbao 2005, Geneva 2004 and Zaragoza 2002.