July 2015
RTPI Yorkshire Annual Lecture and Reception. Leeds
Alfonso Vegara, President of Fundacion Metropoli, will give the conference "Connecting People and Places across the world" next July 23 in Leeds (Yorkshire), organized by the RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute's). The Conference will be chaired by Tom Riordan, Executive Director of Leeds City Council, and will be attended by the President of the RTPI, Janet Askew.
Leeds, Thursday 23rd July 6pm-9pm
Civic Hall Banqueting Suite, Leeds LS1 1UR
March 2015
Opening Exhibition “Pneuma". Benjamín Cano. Ecobox Building
Next 26th March 2015, 19:00 h “Pneuma” the exhibition of the architect Benjamín Cano will open at the Ecobox building, headquarter of the Fundación Metrópoli in Alcobendas, Madrid. The exhibition will be open until next 24th July 2015.
The Fundación Metrópoli was founded in 1998 at the University of Pennsylvania. The Fundación aims to promoting the creative and human transformation of cities and territories and also to create and spread innovations with the objective of building a sustainable future. The Fundación aspires to be a catalyst for the collaboration between public and private sectors in the construction of cities and territories of the 21st century.
The exhibition is framed within the context of the Cities Art Programme led by Ana Gorroño Arrizabalaga, Vice President of the Fundación Metrópoli and seeks to expand on the role of artists as a motor of creativity and innovation in the design and building of human habitats.
February 2015
1st Leaders Seminar for the Caribbean Diamond and Santander of Colombia. Findeter @ Ecobox
The first Caribbean Diamond Leaders Seminar took place in the last week of February. The event was held at the Ecobox, Fundación Metrópoli ‘s headquarter in Madrid and was attended by Mayors and Governors from several Departments within the Diamond, Europe-based Colombian Ambassadors and high profile national government officials.
One objective of the seminar was to potentially incorporate the experiences of leading Spanish public and private entities within the project as strategic partners. Entities such as COFIDESFundación ONCEIlunionFundación Real MadridMicrosoftBismartPuerto de ValenciaSegittur Renfe, among others, shared their experiences with Colombian leaders. In addition, the successful experiences of Fundación Metrópoli and Next Cities Lab (Fundación Metrópoli + Microsoft) in defining an a intelligent territories framework for Spain and other countries were also presented during the event.
The experiences and concepts shared during the seminar were also aimed at advancing the construction of a consensual vision for the future of the Caribbean and the Santander Department. Strategic scenarios for each of the Department within the Diamond project were also discussed, and channels were developed to identify funding mechanisms and potential investors from Europe for the development of projects.
February 2015
Forum of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Universidad del Turabo. Meeting with the Planning Board of the Government of Puerto Rico
Rafael Pérez Colón, Senior Advisor Global Technology & Development of Fundación Metrópoli, participated in the Forum of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Organized by the Universidad del Turabo in Puerto Rico under the VII International Symposium of Puerto Rico Energy Center, Rafael presented Fundación Metrópoli’s Intelligent Territories and "Diamonds" Concept to the government and leaders of civil society.

In addition, he had a meeting with the Puerto Rico Planning Board, which was attended by its President, Luis García Pelatti; Vice President, Pedro Roig Cardona and advisor, Juan Carlos Santiago.
The Planning Board is currently in the final stages of developing Puerto Rico’s Spatial Plan. As such, discussions on concept of Intelligent Territories and "Diamonds" Metropolis Foundation is very relevant for the their current action plans for economic development, competitiveness, territorial and urban model, as well as the opportunities associated with innovation and technology in the country.
February 2015
First Latin American Mayors Forum 2015
On 26th and 27th February, Alfonso Vergara, President of the Fundación Metrópoli, participated in the First Mayors Forum Exchange between Spanish and Latin America mayors in Madrid.
The Forum was opened by Ana Botella, Mayor of Madrid and took place within the framework of the Initiative for Emerging and Sustainable Cities (ICES), an initiative that is promoted by the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) and supported by the City of Madrid and FEMP.
Around 70 municipal councilors, 40 Latin American and 30 Spanish, came to Madrid for this Mayors Exchange Forum. The event was aimed at strengthening ties and promoting the exchange of experiences in the design and implementation of economic development and sustainability programs in Spain and Latin America, in order to foster strategic partnerships and job opportunities between local governments and the private sector in both regions.
January 2015
Fundacion Metropoli participated last 13th January in the launch of REDS (Spanish Network for Sustainable Development).
On 13th January, the Fundacion Metropoli participated in the launch of REDS (Spanish Network for Sustainable Development).
At the Casa del Lector (Matadero) in Madrid, REDS presented its mission, objectives and future visions: "Involving" future generations to build a more sustainable world.
The presentation included speeches by Teresa Ribera, Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI), and a lecture by Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the SDSN and the Earth Institute at Columbia University.
The event concluded with the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the REDS, Miguel Angel Moratinos, presenting the objectives of REDS together with Advisory Board members and representatives of affiliated institutions.

December 2014
Alfonso Vergara participated as a member of the International Jury Competition for the Moscow Urban River.
Fundacion Metropoli, through its president Alfonso Vergara, participated in the international jury of the city-river project titled "MOSCOW RIVER", which will be one of the most important projects for the future of the Russian capital.
The aim of the contest is to achieve a general concept of development in a coherent system of interrelated areas adjacent to the Moscow river, turning  the river of  “barrier” into the “link” in the city structure.
The competition is open to all professionals in the field of urban planning , architecture which can bring specialists in the field of transport infrastructure, cultural programming, economics, sociology and ecology in the team.
November 2014
Alfonso Vegara participated in the 5th Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Marrakech.
The fifth edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, themed Harnessing the Power of Technology for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, was held in Marrakech, Morocco on 19-21 November 2014 under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.
Launched by President Barack Obama five years ago, this United States Government initiative has assembled more than 3,000 business and political leaders, including senior level government officials from the U.S., the host country and other regional partners, as well as investors, entrepreneurs and multi-stakeholders.
Under the discussion panel on "Sustainable Cities”, Alfonso focused on the experience of Singapore and the philosophy on Intelligent Territories.
February  2014
The Fundacion Metropoli assisted to the Council of Territorial Planning of the state of Hidalgo in Mexico.
The Council was led by the state governor, Jose Francisco Olvera. In recent years, the state of Hidalgo has been working intensively in the field of land use planning as well as metropolitan development plans of its three main cities Pachuca, Tula and Tulancingo. It is from this effort, and in the framework of the agreement signed with the Metropolis Foundation, which will seek to promote a program of Innovation and Territory to search profiles and look smart urban complementarities with the territory of the Valley of Mexico.
February  2014
Alfonso Vegara visits Guadalajara, Jalisco
Last 15th  february, the President of Fundación Metrópoli visitted Guadalajara city (Jalisco), invited by the head of the Commission of Urban Planning of Guadalajara, Diego Delfín. Fundación Metrópoli will participate as an international observer in the planning processes of the city. In addition, the two institutions will seek strategic partnerships to help the city to identify and develop strategic projects for economic and urban regeneration partnerships.
January 2014
10th anniversary of "Cities Art" Programme of the Fundacion Metropoli (2004-2014)
This year is the 10th anniversary of the "Cities Art" Programme framed by the philosophy as the Proyecto Cities, and led by Ana Gorroño Arrizabalaga, Vice President of the Fundacion Metropoli, aspires to rediscover the role of art as a motor for creativity and innovation in the design of the human habitat. Cities Art believes in the great possibilities which the fusion of architecture, urbanism, landscape, painting, sculpture and new technologies offer in helping to design the future of cities and regions.
One of the objectives of Cities Art is to promote artists committed to humanist and multidisciplinary training who defy artistic classification. In a society where the processes of globalisation are ever present, it is fundamental to recover the protagonism of an innovative and integral art as the basis for facing the challenges of the 21st century.
The following artists have been cooperating closely with the Fundación Metrópoli and has shown his work in the art exhibitions that have taken place in the Ecobox Building, headquarters of the Fundacion Metropoli in Madrid: Fernando Pagola, Raquel Montilla Higgins, Carles Valverde, Iñaki Bergera, Gonzalo Páramo, Fermín Ramírez de Arellano, Public Collection of Photography (Ayto. Alcobendas) y Toni Cumella.
January 2014
The Fundacion Metropoli, Strategic Partner for World Cities Summit 2014. Singapore
The World Cities Summit is the exclusive and premier platform for government leaders and industry experts to address liveable and sustainable city challenges, share integrated urban solutions and forge new partnerships. Themed Liveable and Sustainable Cities: Common Challenges, Shared Solutions, the 4th World Cities Summit will be held in conjunction with Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) and CleanEnviro Summit Singapore (CESS).
To register your interest and request for an invite (WCS 2014)
January 2014
Book launch event "Ceamica Cumella: Shaping Ideas, Modelando Ideas"
Ana Goroño Arrizabalaga, Vice Presient of the Fundación Metropoli and director of the Cities Art Programme, communicates the presentation of the book "Ceramica Cumella: Shaping Ideas, Modelando Ideas" that will be held next Thursday, 16th January at the library AA (Architectural Association School of Architecture, London).
The book published by Fundacion Metropoli and edited by Christopher Pierce (AA Unit Master) is based around the exhibition hosted in the AA Gallery and subsequently at the Fundacion Metropoli in Madrid. The event will be attended by renowned Catalan architectural ceramist Toni Cumella.
December 2013
Alfonso Vergara meeting with the Head of Government of Mexico City
Last December 12th, the President of the Fundacion Metropoli, Alfonso Vergara met with the Head of Government of Mexico City, Miguel Angel Manceda to exchange experiences on urban transformation projects and infrastructure investment models.
October 2013
Alfonso Vegara at Asia House next Wednesday October 23th.
Alfonso Vegara, President of Fundación Metrópoli and Honorary Consul of Singapore in Spain, will participate next Wednesday October 23th at the roundtable: "New tools of economic diplomacy: Public-Private Partnerships and the Singapore model", organized by Casa Asia in Madrid.
June 2013
Ignacio Alcalde Marcos will participate next 20th June in the first Open Government day in Terrasa.
Ignacio Alcalde Marcos, Vice President of the Fundacion Metropoli will participate in the first Open Government day in Terrasa, organized by the City Council of Terrassa.
It'll be the first day of sharing experiences and case studies regarding open government for representatives of public administrations and the private sector.
The intervention will take place in the Panel Discussion: BIG DATA How to transform a tsunami of data in a business model?.
June 2013
Ignacio Alcalde Marcos will participate in the seminar organized by RETE (Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities) in Tarragona, 6-8 th June.
Ignacio Alcalde Marcos, Vice President of the Fundacion Metropoli, will participate in the meeting organized by RETE. It will take place in Tarragona during the next June 6-8 th. His presentation will take place on 7th under the heading "Port Cities-Landscape Intelligence".
June 2013
Ignacio Alcalde Marcos participates in TrendSpain 2013, organized by Google.
Ignacio Alcalde Marcos, Vice President of the Fundacion Metropoli, will participate on Thursday June 6 in TrendSpain 2013, organized by Google.
His presentation will take place at the roundtable: Data and implications for the development of infrastructures and territories.
May 2013
Ignacio Alcalde Marcos participates in SIMA Cities 2013, I Cities Forum Latam-Europe.
Ignacio Alcalde Marcos, Vice President of the Fundacion Metropoli, participates in SIMA Cities, organized by SIMA (Real Estate Exhibition). 29, 30 and 31, Madrid.
The aim of the session, directed and presented by Ignacio Alcalde is to understand the scope of growth that is occurring in cities and its implications in terms of planning, infrastructure development and real estate.
April 2013
Luke Mitchell, Design Specialist and Coordinator of Asian Projects for Fundación Metrópoli.
April 2013
Artícle "Revue Urbanisme" (París).
Pierre Laconte, Fondation pour l’environnement urbain, Past-President Association internationale des urbanistes (
March 2013
Video of the World Bank webinar. Innovative Approaches to Promoting Urban Green Growth: The Penang Project
Luke Mitchell, Design Specialist and Coordinator of Asian Projects for Fundación Metrópoli.
March 2013
Fundación Metrópoli participates in MIPIM 2013, Cannes. 12-15 March.
Fundacion Metropoli participates at the fair MIPIM in Cannes from 12 to 15 March 2013, in collaboration with the State Institute of Typology Research and Experimental Design in Moscow (GUP MNIITEP), leading institute in Russia in the development of new housing projects and public buildings as well as modernizing the old ones.
March 2013
Fundación Metrópoli participates in the Multilateral Tourism Technical Conference in Washington, organized by ICEX and Segittur.
Fundación Metrópoli participated in the Multilateral Tourism Working sessions, which took place from 6th to 8th March in Washington, organized by ICEX and SEGITTUR. 
The Working sessions were organized in different presentations where Spanish agencies could present to the different multilateral agencies based in Washington: The World Bank, the Inter American Development Bank (IADB), The Organisation for American States (OEA) and the Millenium Challenge Corporation.
The aim of those sessions is to point out the profile and working methods of the different International Financial Institutions (IFIS) to facilitate the development of projects and initiatives in the tourism industry based on sustainable principles which will  be implemented by the borrowing countries.
The participating Spanish agencies, amongst which we can find Fundación Metrópoli, shared  their large  experience in their different fields of expertise; they  presented in Washington their successful cases and good practices as an example for the new emergent destinations and other international institutions.
The IFIS commitment towards the tourist sector is materialized in the financing of  a large number of projects that will give business opportunities to tourism-related Spanish enterprises. Spain has a long tradition as a tourist destination supported by decades of international leadership in the tourist industry. This tradition is based on quality products and the constant research for new technologies that can be applied to the tourist business, etc.
March 2013
Alfonso Vegara will give a lecture at UNSW (University of New South Wales, Sydney), next 6th March 2013 at 18:30 pm. 
In the context of “2013 Utzon Lecture Series Launch / Sixth Annual Paul Reid Lecture in Urban Design”, Alfonso Vegara will give the lecture ‘Intelligent Territories: The 21st century city in Europe and Asia’, next wednesday 6th March at 18:30pm. UNSW of Sydney, Faculty of Built Environment.
February 2013
The Fundacion Metropoli signes a collaboration agreement with the Russian Housing Development Foundation (RHD) to participate in the development of Russian territories.
Signing took place on 22 February 2013 within the frames of the 2nd Russian Investment Construction Forum.
The document was signed by the General Director of the RHD, Alexander Braverman and Fundacion Metropoli president, Alfonso Vegara.
February 2013
Article "Hyper and Dynamic Growth in the ASEAN Region and the Emerging Strategy for Bintan Eco-Island (Indonesia)"Isocarp Review 08
Alfonso Vegara Gómez, Mark Dwyer y Maki Kawaguchi 
February 2013
Seggittur and Fundacion Metropoli collaborate in the application of technology in tourist destinations.
The State Agency for the Management of Innovation and Tourist Technologies of Spain, Sergittur and Fundacion Metropoli have signed an agreement to collaborate on the application of technology to the development of intelligent tourist destinations.
Both organizations will cooperate in the development of programs to improve the competitiveness and Spanish tourism quality in smart cities and territories, through innovation and new technologies.
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February 2013
Interview with Alfonso Vegara Gómez
Singapore, Asia's Gate: Interview with Alfonso Vegara Gómez in the economy review 
Alfonso Vergara was appointed as Honorary Consul General of Singapore in Madrid in 2004. The charged is renewed every three years.
To see the interview click here
February 2013
World Cities Summit 2013. Newsletter
The inaugural issue of the World Cities Summit (WCS) newsletter, presented by his Managing Director, Larry Ng Lye Hock. This quarterly supplement will share news and stories leading up to WCS 2014 in June. It will feature up-to-date news regarding WCS, as well as interesting articles from sponsors and partners of WCS 2014 on urban issues and the challenges facing cities.
January 2013
Collaboration Agreement with the IMPLAN (Puebla, Mexico)
Fundacion Metropoli signs a collaboration agreement with the IMPLAN (Municipal Planning Institute), Puebla, Mexico
The event was held in the City Council of the City Hall of Puebla and was chaired by Eduardo Rivera Pérez, Mayor of Puebla and president of the National Association of Mayors. The Agreement was signed by the coordinator of the IMPLAN Luis Armando Olmos Pineda and Alfonso Vegara Gómez, president of Fundacion Metropoli.
The agreement lays the groundwork for interinstitutional collaboration to investigate and promote the development of strategic initiatives in the territory of the city of Puebla and Puebla-Tlaxcala metropolitan region. Fundacion Metropoli will participate in the development of specific projects from the Strategic Plan Puebla 500 formulated by IMPLAN.
More information:
January 2013
Fundación Metrópoli in Fitur
Fundacion Metropoli participates in the first edition of FITUR Know How & Export held at IFEMA (Madrid), from 29 January to 3 February 2013.
This participation takes place in the context of the strategic partnership between Fundacion Metropoli and Segittur, the State Agency for the Management of Innovation and Tourist Technologies.
The aim of this event is to create a space for collaboration between different organizations related to innovation applied to the tourism industry and international projection. Fundacion Metropoli presentation took place on January 30, in charge of his vice president, Ignacio Alcalde Marcos.
More Infomation:

January 2013
Alfonso Vegara Gómez in "Because of My Eisenhower Fellowship", EF's 60th anniversary (1953-2013).
Short stories of 60 selected Fellows will be published here to celebrate this milestone. Four new stories each month through the end of 2013 promise to capture your interest and answer the question "What was the result of this Eisenhower Fellowship?".
More Information:
December 2012
Alfonso Vegara Gómez. Video: How will our Cities evolve?
Lee Kuan Yew World City Price 2012. The Nominating Committee members describe how cities will look like in the future.
December 2012
Alfonso Vegara Gómez participated in the Moscow Urban Forum 2012.
Last 4th-5th December, Alfonso Vegara Gómez, President of Fundación Metrópoli participated in the Moscow Urban Forum 2012 organized by the Moscow City Government.
Alfonso Vegara participated in the Plenary Session: Management of a Global City, the Experience of Contemporary Agglomerations, moderated by Alexander Auzan (member of the Economic Council of the President of the Russian Federation, Russia) and with the participation of Paul Ostergaard (senior vice president for Urban Design Associates, USA), Reinier de Graaf (partner of OMA, the Netherlands), Andrei Sharonov (Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy, Russia), Marat Khusnullin (Deputy Mayor for Urban Development and Construction, Russia), Igor Shuvalov* (first vice-premier of the Russian Federation, Russia), Tatiana Maleva* (Director, Institute of Human Development of Metropolis, Russia).

More information: 
(Gallery, Live broadcast, Hall A – Plenary Session: Managing a Global City, The Experience of Contemporary Agglomerations)
Brief summary of the intervention of Alfonso Vegara: Intelligent Cities by Fundacion Metropoli.
We live in a world of Cities. The competition today is not any more between Countries but between Cities. Cities are the engines of innovation and the new Clusters of the Global Economy. This presentation will share the experience of Fundacion Metropoli in designing cities of the future around the world. In particular, We will present our methodologies to discover the Clusters of Excellence of Cities and Strategic Projects in an hypercompetitive environment. 
We will share Projects of Fundacion Metropoli in America, Europe, Asia, and key references to face the challenge of designing the Moscow of the Future.
November 2012
Alfonso Vegara participated in the event Promoting the development of Italian cities: thoughts on the future and how attracting capital investment / private equity”. 30th november at the Enzo Biagi Auditorium, Library Salaborsa, Bologna.
Video of the presentation "Preparing for the future, the necessary vision", promoted by all the main Bologna constituencies (from University to the Regional Industry Association, Chamber of Commerce etc) to draw the attention to the need of change and relaunch of the City. 
As Bilbao is one of the most important case history in Europe Alfonso Vegara´s lecture illustrated how the city has managed such a great transformation.
October 2012
Alfonso Vegara Gómez participated in the World Energy Forum 2012, Dubai.
Last 22th-24th October, Alfonso Vegara Gómez, President of Fundación Metrópoli participated in the World Energy Forum 2012 in Dubai. 
A FORUM FOR WORLD LEADERS, under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai.

The United Nations has designated 2012 as the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All, and as an Energy Access Campaign platform, world leaders from governments and private sector institutions from the United Nations Member States will be gathering at this high-level international conference in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, to focus on providing universal access to basic energy services that will benefit all nations and peoples, and to chart a roadmap for a sustainable global energy system that can fuel economic and social development worldwide.
October 2012
Ignacio Alcalde Marcos, Vice President of Fundación Metrópoli participated in the International Conference on Technological Parks, Vitoria.
Last 18th October, Ignacio Alcalde Marcos, Vice President of Fundación Metrópoli participated in the X International Conference of APTA, The Spanish Association of Technological Parks. The event took place in Vitoria, north of Spain.
Ignacio Alcalde took part in the round table that discussed on Mobility, Planning and Construction: Sustainable factors.

September 2012
Article on Intelligent Cities in the European Diagonal written by Alfonso Vegara Gómez and Mark Dwyer

The first issue of the Urban Solutions Magazine, a new CLC (Centre for Liveable Cities) publication, includes an article on Intelligent Cities in the European Diagonal written by Alfonso Vegara Gómez and Mark Dwyer.

 September 2012
 Alfonso Vegara Gómez, member of the jury in the competition for the new Federal District of Moscow.

Alfonso Vergara has participated last September as a member of the international jury at the competition for the development of the New Federal District of Moscow.

The jury was headed by Deputy Mayor of Moscow Marat Khusnullin. The panel also includes the president of the Union of Architects of Russia Andrey Bokov, Dean of the Graduate School of Urban University “Higher School of Economics” Alexander Vysokovsky, Spanish urbanist Alfonso Vegard, curator of the “Greater Paris” Maurice Leroy, Advisor to the Minister of Transportation and Vuk Vuchik member of the Berlin Chamber of Architects Hildebrand Mahlyaydt.

The jury has selected Capital Cities Planning Group (CCPG), an Anglo-American team including Gillespies, John Thompson & Partners and Buro Happold, as winners for the competition.


May 2012
Ignacio Alcalde Marcos, Vice president of the Fundación Metrópoli to participate in the next summer courses at the Fundación URJC.
Mr. Ignacio Alcalde Marcos, Vice president of the Fundación Metrópoli, will take place in the XIII Edition of the summer courses organized by the Fundación of the University Rey Juan Carlos. The Seminar “Thinking a New Architecture for the next 10/100/1000 years” will take place from the 16th to the 20th July 2012 in Aranjuez (Madrid),  one of the most important Spanish Heritage sites and awarded The UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Information and registration:

April 2012
The Bintan Eco Island Publication.

Launched on 17 April 2012 by Fundación Metrópoli, with support from CLC (Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore) is a development strategy for the Indonesian island of Bintan that seeks to strike a sustainable balance between ecological preservation and vibrant economic growth. The culmination of extensive research examining ecological systems, urban settlement patterns and international best practices, the publication offers a new vision for a dynamic, eco-friendly future for Bintan.

April 2012
Interview with Alfonso Vergara in the video "12 Talents of Alicante" by JOVEMPA (Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Alicante Province)

March 2012
Alfonso Vegara Gómez participates in the 5th Summit of Cities and Regions, Copenhagen "The European urban fabric in the 21st century", 22-23 March 2012.

February 2012
Broadcast of the programme "The Offices of Culture" in TVE2. Alfonso Vegara Gómez, urban planner.

Last Sunday 26 February took place the broadcast of the program "The Offices of Culture". Alfonso Vergara Gómez, urban planner, in the Spanish television channel TVE2. To view it click the link below:

December 2011
Visit with Governor Kuroiwa.Yokohama

In early December 2012, Alfonso Vegara Gómez and Luke Mitchel from Fundacion Metropoli visited the largest city-region in the world, metropolitan Tokyo, to explore collaborative opportunities with progressive planners, engineers, and government officials.  During this short stay, they were able to connect with some very interesting professionals, as introduced to us by Takeichi Sumio, principal partner of the Green Finance Corporation (based in Tokyo) and longtime collaborator with Fundación Metropoli as member of International Advisory Council. 
On December 6, they met Kuroiwa Yuji, Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture, in his Yokohama office.  Governor Kuroiwa’s staff shared with them the recent history of Kanagawa Prefecture, as it has come to exist within the megacity of Tokyo.  With 9 million people, the prefecture is the second largest in the country.  Kanagawa includes the major cities of Kawasaki and its capital, Yokohama. 

December 2011
The Green Finance Corporation

Fundacion Metropoli  is proud to strengthen our connection with the Tokyo-based Green Finance Corporation (GFC).  Mr Sumio Takeichi, former Director of Mitusbishi Corporation, and former Director of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), is the founder and principal partner of GFC.  Along with other principal partners from Europe, China, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, Mr Takeichi is applying his knowledge and experience to promote sustainability, providing financing instruments in support of environmental projects around the world. Mr. Sumio Takeichi contacted with Fundacion Metropoli (President Alfonso Vegara and Vicepresident Ana Gorroño Arrizabalaga) 15 years ago in Washington during  a collaboration program with World Bank.

December 2011
Visit of the Director of Khazanah Nasional

Last December the Fundación Metrópoli welcomed Tan Sri Dato´Azman Mokhtar, Managing Director of Khazanah Nasional Bhd
Khazanah Nasional is the investment holding arm of the Government of Malaysia and is empowered as the Government's strategic investor in new industries and markets. As trustees to the nation's commercial assets, the main objective is to promote economic growth and make strategic investments on behalf of the Government which would contribute towards nation building.
Khazanah is also tasked to nurture the development of selected strategic industries in Malaysia with the aim of pursuing the nation’s long-term economic interests.
Khazanah has investments in over 50 major companies, both in Malaysia and abroad,. Khazanah is also the key agency mandated to drive shareholder value creation, efficiency gains and enhance corporate governance in companies controlled by the government.

 December 2011
Ana Gorroño Arrizabalaga, Vice President of Fundación Metrópoli and Director of the Cities Art Programme announces the opening of Fernando Pagola´s exhibition “The Fronton and the Pelotary: Abstraction and Imaginery”. The Exhibition will open next 2nd February 2012 at the Ecobox, headquarter of the Fundación Metrópoli in Alcobendas, Madrid.

December 2011
The e-magazine Urban-e has just published an article on the Ecocity of Sarriguren written by Alfonso Vegara y Emilio Ontiveros.

November 2011
SingBridge. Fundación Metrópoli honorary board of trustees. 

Last Friday 18th November the Fundación Metrópoli held in Bilbao the annual Honorary Board of Trustees.
Mr. Philip Yeo (Chairman of SPRING Singapore, Singbridge International Investments and special advisor to the Singapore Prime Minister) and Mr. Lim Neo Chian Executive Director of Singbridge, travelled to Bilbao for this occasion.

November 2011
Fundaçao Getulio Vargas. Strategic partner of the Fundacón Metrópoli.

Founded in 1944 with the main purpose of training qualified personnel for the administration of the nation’s public and private sectors, Fundação Getulio Vargas has pushed the boundaries of teaching and advanced into the research and information areas, becoming a Center of quality and excellence. A pioneer in the education field, Fundação Getulio Vargas is considered a reference not only for its undergraduate, master’s and doctorate programs and for its research, but also for its constant search for modernity and innovation.
Fundação Getulio Vargas is an educational center of quality and excellence that dedicates its forces to the intellectual development of the nation. Its policy of promotion and incentives for the production and improvement of ideas, facts and information makes Fundação Getulio Vargas one of the most important institutions in the national and international arena, in addition to enabling the formation of ethical citizens, aware of their responsibilities as agents for social transformation.

October 2011
Ignacio Alcalde Marcos, Vice President of the Fundación Metrópoli, has participated in the XI edition of the Club Malaga Valley, celebrated in Malaga last 26 October. His participation was part of the Intelligent Cities Round table, alongside Javier Cremades, President of the Club, members of the MIT Media Lab and Juan Antonio Zufiria, President of IBM Spain and technological partner of this edition at the Malaga Valley.

April 2011
Fundación Metrópoli signed an agreement of collaboration with ThinkCity of Malaysia.

April 2011

The international Tour of the Madrid 100% Arquitecture closes its doors (The best 100 projects includes the EcoCity of Sarriguren)

More information.

29 Mach 2011

Broadcasting on the Brasilian TV Costa Norte of Alfonso Vegara´s lecture in Guarujá (Sao Paulo) last 2nd April
More information.

February 2011

Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding  between the Fundación Metrópoli and the Centre for Liveable Cities of Singapore
More information.

27 December 2010

Interview with Alfonso Vegara Gómez appeared on the Basque newspaper Deia
More information.

29 November 2010

Summary of the Alfonso Vegara´s lectura at the Suma Forum of Alicante
More information.

26 November 2010

Summary of Alfonso Vegara´s participation at the Innova Construction event, organized by the IMADE  at the BBVA in Madrid
More information.

12 November 2010

Alfonso Vegara´s lecture at the Fundación Maite event
More information.

Noviembre 2010.

Interview with Alfonso Vegara Gómez: The Regional Government of Murcia, through the Department of Agriculture has developed and internet platform to promote the environment and face climate change challenge. The Link to this page shows some interviews addressing the need to become aware of how to be more and more ecoeficient and environmentally responsible.
More information.

8 November 2010

The Intercultural: Interview with Alfonso Vegara Gómez as part of the Eurocities 2010, celebrated in Zaragoza.
More information.

2 August 2007

Article on the Rey Jaime I awards on Urbanism, Landscape and Sustainability category. Architecture News.
More information.