Drawing from its own research, the Fundación Metrópoli implements specifically designed “Zero Agencies” to facilitate the realisation of their urban projects. Throughout all its endeavours, FM creates strategic alliances with those who share its values, and it engages actively with political and business leaders, as well as cultural agents and artists to achieve integrated urban excellence in order to create SmartPlaces.

Fundación Metrópoli’s projects encompass a broad range of scales and a wide variety of programs, all bound by a common conceptual approach. Projects comprise supra-regional spatial strategies designed to foster cooperation between key decision makers on global development issues. They focus on connectivity, complementary cooperation, mitigation of adverse climate change and sustainable design. At the regional level, the projects build on existing landscapes and link strategic interventions into coherent spatial developments. At the city level, innovative projects accommodate the creative activities of the 21st century to secure their competitiveness while maintaining a sustainable environment. These ideas are formalised into eco-cities, eco-boulevards and eco-villages. Drawing on these projects, comparative studies identify the systemic characteristics of innovative cities. Dealing with all physical scales, the projects include the use of renewable energies in buildings and the application of advanced technologies to experimental architecture. At every level of intervention the Fundación Metrópoli seeks dialogue with localities and engages the arts which it considers an essential driver for innovative and sustainable development.